The Matetsi Safari Area situated in North Western Zimbabwe close to the famous Victoria Falls is Zimbabwe’s oldest and best known hunting safari area. The game rich Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest totaling some 13,000 square kilometers, together with Matetsi Safari Area, Kazuma National Park, Zambezi National Park and Pandamasui Forest area all combine to form one of Africa’s largest un-spoilt, wilderness areas over 20,000 square km in extent.

Matetsi is famous for producing world class sable, other species in abundance are kudu, waterbuck, zebra, giraffe, impala, hyena and warthog.

In addition to the 'big game' hunting, clients can also take a day off to enjoy an afternoon of superb bird shooting - particularly  guineafowl, francolin and sandgrouse.

Access to Matetsi is from Victoria Falls International Airport, a relatively short 1 hours drive from the concession. This in turn makes for side trips to the Victoria Falls for sightseeing and shopping easy to arrange.

Hunting in Matetsi

Elephant hunting in Matetsi is very good; bordering Hwange National Park to the South and Botswana to the West means there is constant movement of quality bulls through the area. We average over 50 pounds a side in Matetsi and bulls in excess of 60 pounds are not uncommon.

Lion hunting in Matetsi is probably the best  on offer in Africa today. The five year moratorium on lion hunting in the whole of the region has ensured that today there is a strong population of lion and success on big maned, free ranging, mature lion is close to 100%.

Buffalo hunting is generally very good, all the Matetsi Units are subject to transitory herds moving in and out of the areas.   The quality of bulls taken is excellent and 2010 we took the number one and two bulls in Zimbabwe. Generally Matetsi buffalo have big curls and heavy bosses. 

Leopard hunting in Matetsi is like most National Parks concessions restricted by the fact that it is daytime hunting only and as such success rate is 60%. The quality of leopards taken is very good with big bodied, heavy cats as opposed to the long, slender males found in the Zambezi Valley.

Plainsgame hunting in Matetsi is excellent with solid populations of antelope across the board. Sable are particularly good and Matetsi is world famous for this.  Trophy quality waterbuck, kudu, eland, impala, warthog, hyena and reedbuck are common. There is also species such as giraffe, steenbok, grysbok and zebra all common.