Derek Adams


A proud fourth generation Zimbabwean, Derek, who is better known as "Gomez", was schooled at the infamous Guinea Fowl School in Gweru and served for two years in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, a 'crack' para-regiment.

Gomez's call to the wild began with ten years work as a Game Ranger with National Parks, carrying out control of problem animals with the eradication of elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and other smaller animals that conflict with humans. He spent a total of four years working in the elephant culling unit and therefore has a great deal of experience hunting dangerous game.

Gomez then went into full time professional hunting in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mocambique, Zambia and Botswana. He has hunted mainly in Tanzania; the Selous Game Reserve, Masailand, the Western Swamps and the Kilombero Swamp, as well as every area of Zimbabwe. His best hunting is for elephants and the 'cats', with fishing and falconry included in his other interests, particularly fly fishing.

Gomez was awarded best hunt trophies in 1990 for an elephant (84lb a side), an 8ft3" leopard, a 16ft1" crocodile and a 16" Geranuk. He has hunted with a full professional hunter's licence since 1987 and continues to be one of HHK Safaris' top professional hunters.