Johan was born and educated in Zimbabwe and grew up on a farm thus exposing him to hunting at a very early age. After graduating from High School Johan immediately joined Ngezi Safaris as an apprentice for the 1992/3 hunting season. Johan then joined Bill Bedford of Ingwe Safaris as an apprentice hunter and gained his full license in 1996 and a wealth of knowledge and experience in big game hunting.
After qualifying Johan joined Alex Kirkman of Mopani Safaris where he hunted successfully from 1996 to 2007 and gained a reputation as one of Zimbabwe's top professional hunters. When Mopani Safaris closed in 2007 Johan then became a freelance hunter, hunting predominantly for the Muller family of Pro-Saf.
At the end of 2011, Johan started hunting for Buffalo Trails. In 2013, Johan started doing some work for HHK Safaris and now does most of his hunting with HHK.
Johan is an enthusiastic hunter who enjoys all aspects of hunting but especially enjoys elephant, leopard and buffalo hunting.